My Dad purchased Busby when we were young kids.  The car had many layers of avocado green paint and had only 52,000 miles. It was a running and driving vehicle that had been only used on a summer estate called “Monkswood” near Rhinelander, Wisconsin. This was a nicely accessorized car with bumper guards, fog lights, hill holder, six lug wheel locks, window washer, directionals and the coolest little sun visors that fit next to the rear view mirror.

There is also a little switch in the glove compartment that Dad didn’t know about until he was fiddling with it one day, went to get out of the car, and it started honking…it was a burglar alarm! Dad eventually stripped off the green paint to reveal the most beautiful ash and birch body created by The Cambell Body Co.

Dad returned to Monkswood  and met the son of the original owner hoping to find the spare tire cover, other parts, and any information about the car. He didn’t find the cover but realized why the car was painted green!. Every inch of the place was painted green! They must have gotten a deal on the green paint – or truly loved the color!

Apparently the additional third back seat in the staton wagon reminded us kids of a school bus,  so we named the Chevy Woodie “Busby”.

There are still many mysteries concerning Busby’s past. Why does Busby have wheel locks and a burglar alarm for a car that lived in Rhinelander, Wisconsin in the 40’s? A town, and a day, when you could leave your car running and unlocked while you went into a store for a minute? And why did the handyman at “Monkswood” tell Dad not to reveal or show the “Monkswood” name on the side of the car? It was “duck taped” over – as in the picture….why not reveal??? We were asked not to tell or reveal any more than this….this is probably more than we should have…So, his mystery of his past life is just that…a mystery…but still a beloved family member.

As you see, Dad finally had the car restored and painted black and the wheels painted red instead of the factory brown to give Busby a more dramatic effect along with the newly added Busby logo on the doors and the personalized plates.  And so, today we are enjoying Busby restored!

And much like  the story of “Busby”, we at “Busby’s Decor” are restoring, bringing the old to new, and telling our stories of our pieces!